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Hello my name is Arwa, I am 29 years old, from the UK and I have 5 years teaching experience. I have taught both online and offline, starting with private tutoring, 3 years teaching experience in China and 1 year in Mexico.
My teaching experience started in 2016, where I was tutoring English privately while I was completing my own university studies. Once I graduated I moved to Shanghai, and I worked in a training and pre school, where I taught kids as young as 2 years old, all the way up to 11 years old. I taught English to different levels, I also had training and experience teaching kids one on one and also in small and large groups. I also completed 120 hours TEFL Teaching hours in Manchester, England. 

I didn’t discover my passion for teaching until I actually did it in China. I find it extremely rewarding seeing my work is helping others and seeing the improvements I my students. I simply enjoy teaching in general and sharing my knowledge, I have a blog and youtube channel and I just love sharing and spreading my knowledge to others.