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My name is Vlad and I come from Canada.
I am married and I have two kids.
I have graduated at The University of Toronto, Major: Anthropology.
I work as an online English teacher for more than 5 years now and I had more than 10000 students in my sessions so far.
Previously I worked for companies like Tutor ABC, DADA, Say ABC, Whales English and I have a lot of experience working with both adults and children.
In my sessions I use a friendly approach with lots of fun, joy and entertainment.
I am very devoted to my students and I always try my best to teach them what they need and all of that with laughter and lot of fun.
I have a great passion for teaching and I feel inspired and motivated to help everyone with their English skills.
Furthermore, I believe that patience, dedication, friendly approach, kindness and funny teacher are the most important elements to ensure a successful lesson.
My hobbies are… well, I don’t have much time for hobbies, since most of my free time I spend with my family, so playing with my kids is my major hobby. I also love drawing, playing sports and music.